Former MSC Director J. Wayne Stark ’39 loved Texas A&M, and he wanted to challenge students to expand their horizons by sending them beyond their comfort zones to experience the world. He prized culture, diversity and art, and encouraged students to stretch beyond Texas borders. In 1970, Stark created the Northeast Tour, providing students the opportunity to visit top schools in the nation, tour premier American cities, and expand their personal Aggie network.

Decades later, the MSC Stark Northeast Tour still provides students the opportunity to visit the top law and MBA programs in Chicago and the northeast. Each year, approximately 20 high-caliber students participate. While on the tour, students meet with admissions counselors at schools like the University of Chicago, Harvard, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania. This opportunity allows them to learn first-hand about the university’s programs and establish contacts that may help them in the admissions process. After 45 years, the Stark Northeast Tour has impacted the lives of more than 700 student delegates and countless other individuals affiliated with the program along the way.

J. Wayne Stark’s Impact

“Wayne Stark had an outsized influence on my own life, as I am sure he has had on many others. His insistence that we continue to broaden our experiences and education was vital to me, both personally and professionally.”- Jon Hagler ‘58.