Explore and Expand Horizons

J. Wayne Stark influenced thousands of Aggies through the course of his career. He challenged students to expand their horizons and experience the world. Since 1970, the Stark Northeast Tour has sought to continue his vision in a multi-city visit of top schools in the nation, providing students the opportunity to explore premier cities and expand their personal Aggie network.

The tour attracts top A&M students interested in pursuing law or MBA degrees.  This trip provides the delegate with the opportunity to visit with the recruiting administrators and current students of the schools, as well as network with former students at various receptions and events. Delegates will also be able to observe actual law and business classes and tour the campuses and cities.

  • Chicago, Boston, New Haven, New York, Philadelphia
  • Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Harvard, MIT, Yale, New York University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania
  • Aggie Network connections in every city
  • Plans are for an in-person tour. Details may be altered or cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions in effect at the actual time of the trip.
  • Cost per student for the program – $1,300 plus $300 in spending money

Program Benefits

The benefits and learning outcomes of the program are abundant, including:

  • give students a greater understanding of the application process to business/law school, ability to identify application requirements for each school visited, and capacity to describe unique characteristics of each graduate program;
  • teach students effective interpersonal communication skills when interacting with former students, professionals, and other individuals in a variety of settings;
  • delegates will be able to explain why/why not each city supports their professional and personal goals and needs; and
  • delegates will be able to explain their short-term career and education plan.